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'I feel sick to my stomach,' wrote Rob Mathis (above with his wife Reyna) in a Facebook post about his visit to Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home in Holton, where they say they saw confederate flags and a framed application to the Klu Klux Klan

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A framed Klu Klux Klan application is seen in a photo from an online real estate listing for Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home

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House hunter Rob Mathis posted a picture of a framed application to the Ku Klux Klan (above) which he spotted August 7 while touring Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's house in Holton, which is for sale

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A photo from an online real estate listing shows a Confederate flag pinned to the wall of Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's garage

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A real estate listing describe s Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home as having five bedrooms, three full & two half-bathrooms and sitting on 22 'serene acres with great curb appeal.' Photos in the listing show the Confederate flag and framed KKK application

Rob Mathis (seen above with his wife) posted on his Facebook page that the couple met their real estate agent for a tour of Anderson's home in Holton on August 7

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Mathis did not respond to a message sent to him on Facebook. 

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3 CLASSIC METAL BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC TAU MESSENGER ESCORTS UNPAINTED (2105),. Both got into a scuffle that ended when Anderson shot Johnson.

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