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'I feel sick to my stomach,' wrote Rob Mathis (above with his wife Reyna) in a Facebook post about his visit to Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home in Holton, where they say they saw confederate flags and a framed application to the Klu Klux Klan

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A framed Klu Klux Klan application is seen in a photo from an online real estate listing for Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home

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House hunter Rob Mathis posted a picture of a framed application to the Ku Klux Klan (above) which he spotted August 7 while touring Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's house in Holton, which is for sale

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A photo from an online real estate listing shows a Confederate flag pinned to the wall of Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's garage

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A real estate listing describe s Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson's home as having five bedrooms, three full & two half-bathrooms and sitting on 22 'serene acres with great curb appeal.' Photos in the listing show the Confederate flag and framed KKK application

25mm roman era   roman - legionaries 32 figures figures figures - inf (32197) 69b74b25mm roman era   roman - legionaries 32 figures figures figures - inf (32197) 69b74b

Rob Mathis (seen above with his wife) posted on his Facebook page that the couple met their real estate agent for a tour of Anderson's home in Holton on August 7

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Mathis did not respond to a message sent to him on Facebook. 

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Dark Steel Chainmail Coif Hood - Ideal For LARP & Re-Enactment,. Both got into a scuffle that ended when Anderson shot Johnson.

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